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Before writing your compositions, print the following documents:

New_icons_37.gifHow to write a formal email
Weekly writing class at
******Flo-Jo's website**
Practice your **linking words**
Practice useful expressions to write **formal letters**
Read this article that will give you tips about **"writing for universit**y"
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Watch and read Barack Obama's Inauguration Speech
Watch hundreds of short videos from all over the UK in
**Video Nation**
Watch news reports shot by teenagers in Headliners
Unit 1. Challenges.
The biggest challenge: Watch the amazing story of Dick and Rick Hoyt

If you can't see it, click here
Watch this video about Doreen Horwood, who was on board of the cruise ship MS Explorer when it hit an iceberg in the Antarctic

Another challenge: Watch a video about how to ask a woman out

Unit 2.2 It's a wiki wiki world. Watch the video Did you know?

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Watch Obama's Victory Speech
Watch McCain's Speech
US election polls and map
Elections glossary
Collin Powell endorses senator Obama

Presentations made by the students

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Grammar and Vocabulary

Unit 1: Challenge crossword
The right preposition

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Unit 1: Challenges
Unit 2: Life in the Hebrides

Women in Afghanistan: Go to click and learn, click in open, click on menu, click on 2┬║BAT, click on Afghanistan. Read and do the exercises.
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