COLLAGE Magazine, the magazine of the Official School of Languages in Fuengirola, is an online publication with collaborators from all over the world (Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, France, Germany, the USA, etc) and with an international readership. It includes articles in English, French, German and Spanish. Among our contributors there are figures of international prestige such as the hispanists Bernard Sesé from Paris and Claudio Cifuentes from Odense, the poet Albert Torés from Málaga or the journalist Lyra Halprin from San Francisco.

Our magazine has a multimedia approach and we make emphasis on the combination of image, audio and video, paying special attention to photography and design.

What started as a school magazine has developed into a professional publication thanks to the work of a highly qualified team. We make emphasis on the quality of our written content, our desing and, especially, the photography - by Lorenzo Hernández). COLLAGE Magazine is inspired by the French, British and American magazines of the 1930s - VU, News Chronicle or Life.

COLLAGE magazine # 7: The Memory Issue

The latest issue of COLLAGE, our free online magazine, is finally out. This time, it’s a monograph devoted to the topic of “memory”. This subject is more relevant than ever nowadays: the role of memory in our lives, how to preserve our memories, how to face its loss. We invite you to enjoy and share this new issue, our seventh, which includes stories, poems, articles, and interviews in English and Spanish from Argentina, Denmark, Japan, Spain, the UK and the USA.
You can find it at: www.collagethemagazine.com

COLLAGE magazine # 6: XVI Festival de Cine EspañolPortada Monografico_Spanish_Cinema.jpg

We invite you to read the sixth issue of COLLAGE magazine, devoted to Malaga Spanish Film Festival, in which you'll find information about the films and documentaries that have really thrilled us. We have been lucky to talk to film directors, actors, actresses and producers from different Spanish-speaking countries who have made us aware of the importance of being excited about a project. Like director and producer Nico García pointed out: "If your magazine is read by 500 people, there are 500 people who have an interest in culture." Our previous issue, devoted to Jazz has more than 9,000 readers so far.
You can visit it at www.collage-magazine.com
Long live culture!

COLLAGEmagazine # 5: The Jazz IssuePortada The Jazz Issue.jpg

Our third monograph, The Jazz Issue, includes articles by musicians from Chicago, Århus (Denmark), Missisipi, and of course, Andalusia. We also have contributions by writers and poets such as Albert Torés, Javier Rodríguez Barranco, Mo Malone and, from San Francisco, Lyra Halprin and Julia H. Jackson.

This issue has been illustrated with Lorenzo Hernandez’s extensive photographic portfolio on Jazz (www.photolorenzohernandez.com) and the illustration and design is by Xero Fernández (www.xerofernandez.com).

The spirit of this monograph is defined by our editorial: all the people involved in this issue are linked by friendship and their passion for Jazz. It’s a collage, a collection of interconnected images, a journey that will take the reader through time and space.

COLLAGE magazine #4: Cahier de cinéma français
We invite you to enjoy the first monograph of COLLAGE magazine (October 2012) devoted to Malaga's French Film Festival. Here you'll find film reviews and two exclusive interviews: Conversaciones con Victoria Abril and Entretien avec Daniel Cohen. Victoria Abril is an internationally-acclaimed actress who enjoys a long-lasting career both in Spain and France and Daniel Cohen is the director of the comedy Comme un chef, starring Jean Reno.

Portada Cahier.jpg

COLLAGE magazine # 3: 2011-2012
Our third issue has been published with new design, an interesting selection of articles that you are going to really enjoy. Click on the image to read it:

And now, if you want to see the photos of the presentation, click her
What is more, we have added a Supplement about the XV Festival de Cine Español de Málaga. To read it, click on the image

COLLAGE magazine # 2: 2010-2011
Click on the image and enjoy our second issue


COLLAGEmagazine # 2009-2010
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Julia Halpin Jackson has made some wonderful comments about the magazine in her blog on Sunday May 11:

To see the pictures of the presentation party, just click here