Teachers Maureen Jeffrey and Anne Beveridge gave a talk about the Scottish Education system on 22nd March 2012. Here you are some comments by one of the students, Ángeles Ruíz:

"It´s has been a very good activity, even though the Scottish accent was difficult to understand at the beginning, I was involved in the subject and I could understand the teachers.

On Tuesday we studied the theory about the Curriculum for Excelence, I must tell you that I didn´t know anything about it. I paid attention and I was interested in the topic.Today we have learned about the reality of the method. The legislators' purpose was right, aiming teachers to achieve excellent goals, but finally, very good intentions and pretty words only in the books,but difficult to achieve when you are teaching.

The Ladies´mood was cheerful and dinamic. I think that they had also a very good time, they were glad with their memories and telling us about their lives. I saw them laughing when they left the school."